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Arlington Web Services is a software development company, started in 1986 by Robert L. Kister (Bob) in Columbus, Ohio. With an engineering degree from the Ohio State University, Bob spent many years working for the Timken Company and was instrumental in many innovative changes that were both economical and efficient in keeping Timken as an industry leader for many years. When Bob left Timken, he used his knowledge from the workplace and software programming skills to develop the first and only software add-on for MS Word that would correctly convert math equations in word processors. This product, MathEdit, revolutionized the industry at that time, aiding many universities and businesses with their documentation needs until Microsoft was able to develop their own answer to the problem.

After that Bob began developing a second and unique endeavor in software. This was the Pageville Shopping Cart which used a Microsoft Front Page plug-in to build a shopping cart which had capabilities for the blossoming eCommerce facet of the Internet.

The Shopping Cart Experience...

In 1996 we began creating the Pageville Shopping Cart. We were cutting edge at the time as we created the only plugin for Microsoft Front Page. We had the credit card processed with card information going directly to the processing service. The card information except for the last four digits were never saved on our server and never delivered to our customers. That was and still is the preferred method today. Microsoft discontinue Front Page about 10 years ago. We discontinued service in January 2015.
Most of our customers manually processed their credit card transactions. We encrypted the card information and saved it on our server when buyers made purchase. Our customers, the merchant, would log into their account on our server to retrieve and decrypt the card information. Then they manually processed the card. This was the process used by most small businesses at that time.

Other Adventures...

Over the years since then, we have had numerous endeavors. In 2002 we began developing MySpamGone®. This was a spam control program for webmail services such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and the like. During development the webmail system had many changes and by near completion, MySpamGone was ruled obsolete, so we abandoned that, and started on various other projects. The most exciting project in the works is payAWS, a secure online payment processing web-based program with advanced security levels that is currently in beta testing and is near completion.

Our Current and Most Exciting Concept...

We began creating payAWS in 2015 for our own personal use. It was based primarily on a number of the fundamental principals and successes we had utilized in the Pageville Shopping Cart. The initial design was to develop a shopping cart just as comprehensive, but having more limited capabilities. During the modernization, we ended up including many of the core features of the original in order to support a fuller range of payment processing services. Our payAWS system has all the benefits of the past but with a simpler format for our merchants. Create Buy Now Buttons with a couple of clicks. No coding experience necessary.

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Arlington Web Services, Inc. BBB Business Review
Arlington Web Services, Inc. BBB Business Review